Permission Industrial

John Flowers
May 20, 2022
John Flowers - Album
Louis DiBlasi
Producer: Dave Fields
1 rule supersedes · Permission - Industrial


[Verse 1]
I’m gonna tell you when to cut your hair
I’m gonna tell you the clothes you can wear
and I’m gonna tell you the movies to see
before you do anything baby come and see me
Cause “One Rule Supersedes”

you know you need my permission

[Verse 2]
I’m gonna tell you what to do and say
I’m gonna tell you when you can play
and I’m gonna show you right from wrong
cause when we make love it better be all night long
cause I’m the one with final say

you know you need my permission

Yeah thats right baby daddy’s calling
So when you are out there with your boy toys
Always remember I got your number
Cause when all is said and done
I see my girl crying out for love.

You go left I am always right you get the day time
I’ll get the night
You can be in charge as long as you do what I say
You like to play but you play when I say
Cause there’s one rule that supersedes
I said there is one rule that supersedes
Yes one rule that supersedes

You know you need my permission

My permission
You need permission.
And they said chivalry is dead!

Written By Louis DiBlasi

Copyright - 2022 - "1 Rule Supersedes"