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Lou started play the bass in his early teens. When asked about that experience he is quoted saying. “At the time I didn’t even know what the bass was. I always loved rock music. I remember hearing older kids talking about the bass and bass players and that it and they were cool. I wanted to be cool so I asked my mother for a bass. My mother told me if you do good in school you will get it for your birthday. She and I both knew that was never gonna happen, so I forgot all about it. A few years passed and one birthday my mother gave me a chance to be cool. I spent time, a lot of it, playing the bass. I am not sure if I ever became cool, but I could play bass.  I learned that the bass is the glue that holds the rhythm to the melody.” As time pass Lou picked up the guitar. Lou – “There is no way around it. If you play the guitar you brush up against the blues.”  Lou fell for the blues. “The beauty about the blues is the simplicity. Most songs only have three chords and a basic story, so anyone can follow.  However, if you pay attention to the details of those chords/story you will find complexity and that pool is endless. Lou is now focused on his voice and theater. “I never thought I would say this but the theater/Broadway has now became cool to me.”  Lou also writes his own material. “I have been writing since the late 80’s, most of what I wrote in the early day’s are long gone. That said. Some material I have been grooming for years.”

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